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The Sea Lion with a full boat departed Atlantic City to venture to the popular freighter Almirante.  

The Almirante was built in 1909 and sunk on September 6, 1918 in a collision with the USS Hisko off Atlantic City. This 3,121 ton passenger freighter was owned by the United Fruit Company. It is also known as the Flour Wreck...

Today, weather was just perfect for the run out to one of the most fun wrecks to dive off the coast. There is something for all.  The depth of sixty-five feet make for a nice introduction to novice wreck divers.  It is contiguous making it easy to navigate to the high relief in the stern and bow and with the massive boilers wedged in the middle. 

Capt. Al put us on the high hull section on the starboard side.  Here is where Tom Fagan tied us to the best navigation point.  Divers were able to venture to the bow and the stern with a short run.  The first group of explorers entered and were greeted with good visibility, an abundance of lobster, some massive tautog and sea bass meandering the debris.  Tom returned with some oiler parts and assorted tiles.  The most valuable recovery was a Calcutta 400 fishing reel recently lost over the side by some unfortunate boater. A jubilant Lee Nugent plucked $$$ reel from the wreckage. 

Those whom also shared the trip included Ken Turner, Jack Dunne, Victor Hartley, Peter Keane and Bill Teague.  I was excited to enter the water and give Ted Heim and Chris Fitzsimmons a tour of one of my favorite wrecks.  We circled the boilers poking in and out of the passages pulling bugs and gazing at the gigantic boilers that once provided steam to the buried engines.  It was Ted's first wreck dive.  He and Chris did well and seemed very controlled and relaxed.
Back on the boat we were rewarded with gentle seas and some light dive conversation.  Ted was so excited about his dive, he failed to fully zip his dry suit.  He persisted through the dive heated by the awesome vistas of his first wreck.  The Almirante never fails to provide new and experienced divers with a great day on the water shared by friends.  Thanks to Captain Al and mate Tom again for their professional care.

Good Wreck Diving!

Good Wreck Diving!
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