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First time ocean divers Matt Herrick Sr., Matt Jr. and Joe Dress did their first wreck dive on the Dina Dee this Sunday.  Long time divemaster Dave Streno with wreck diver Jason King led Joe on a grand tour of the Vizcaya, a classic Jersey treasure.  Great conditions, with no current, 20-30 foot visibility and a lobster and flounder infested wreck, greeted the guppies Matt Sr. and Junior as divemaster Kirk Sherry gave them a tour of the once proud steamer.  Matt Sr. took advantage of the plenty and caught his first lobster. All are now hooked.  The sea floor was littered with marine life and the looming steam engine made navigation a swim in the park.  Other distractions included newly washed out areas for artifact hunts.
   Mighty John Copeland wasted no time and followed mate Chris quickly over the side after the pool opened.  In a assumed progression the boat was soon empty.  Just myself and Captain Roger stood over the effervescing sea.   Soon the bubbles rose up the anchor as divers did their safety stops and one by one the boat was full again with jovial conversation and war stories of underwater captures.  Of course Captain George and mate Chris rid the sea of more 25" plus fluke.  I have seen few spear fish as well as Captain George. His bag was bursting with flaties.  The second dive was just as productive as the first and we did well to beat the impending lightning storm.  Back at the dock the generous crew Captain Roger, George, and Chris divided up thick filet's of fish and lobster to those whom hung out before the storm.  Just in the nick of time, I slammed my tailgate and a down pouring soaking thunderstorm besieged the island.  My dive gear was rinsed thoroughly. 

Hats off again to the crew of the Dina Dee for a dive that will be well remembered by those new and seasoned divers.  Other divers that enjoyed the day included Roger Cooper, Steve Camper, Dan Burke and Bill Cavage. 
As always, A good dive was had by few!

Good Wreck Diving!

Good Wreck Diving!

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I want to thank Gene, Kirk and the crew of the Dina Dee for making this a great and memorable first trip for my son and I. We had a great time with some great people. Definitely looking forward to doing it again.

BTW, the lobster and fluke made for a very nice meal that evening.

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