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The first dive of the year started off great.  I actually made it to the dock early due to an overly conservative GPS.  I think it was the first time I was ever the first one at the dock....weird.  The air was warm and the ocean was flat.  I'm used to needing a wool hat in the truck on the way to the first ocean dive, but not this time.  Although the schedule listed the Great Isaac as the destination, we realized that a rare overlap was taking place and that the summer fluke and winter flounder season were both open.  We decided to go on the hunt for flatties, which took us to the wreck of the Vizcaya.  The viz was good at around 20' or so and the water temp on the bottom was a balmy 43°.  The hang warmed us all the way up to 48° which wasn't much....but hey, it was almost noticeable.  The wreck wasn't ready to give up her flatfish as of yet, but some lobsters did come up, and it turned out to be a successful day.  Looking forward to the next trip as usual, and hoping to get a few more degrees out of this week.

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