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Despite another irregular forecast prediction calling for 3-4 footers and gusts to 20 knots; We left 6th Street Marina in breathless seas with a light fog.   The sea was as flat as can be and the burning sun lightened the fog as we left the beach.  Two or three boats were working the wreck area trying to capture their limit on sea bass before the season closed.  As we approached it looked like we may not get on either wreck.  A generous fisherman on the boat North Star allowed Captain Roger to anchor less than a few dozen yards from his boat.  Later he was also appreciative of diver extraordinaire Gary Smith releasing his tangled anchor from the wreck. So all is well in the end.

Matt Herrick Jr. experienced a painful tooth squeeze and had to abort his dives, but Matt senior joined Steve Seeberger and was able to return to the sand.  For the rest of the descenders, it was the kind of dive you don't want to end.  The water temperature was a comfortable 63 degrees to the bottom, as was visibility to the bottom.  During our dives we could look up and see the Dina Dee's outline as you hovered above the wreck.  We had to discipline ourselves to adhere to our regimented dive plan.  It was just nice down there and I think that all of us wanted to absorb as much nitrogen as we could.  As usual Chris bagged up on his limit of seabass, trigger fish and his monster tau tog. 

We worked some new areas with scooters and the potential is worthy of more effort.   John found some pants that were hastily left behind as the ship sank.  No pockets were attached so John will have to dig deeper next time. If you have not gotten wet this fall it is time to join us and find out why this is the best time of the year to dive...

Brian Abbott, Roger Harris, Matt Sr.Chuck Cole, Ken Hendra, Pat Forchione, John Copeland, and Brian Paquette can attest to a grand dive.  Matt Jr. will be back too after he visits the dentist. 

Good Wreck Diving!

Good Wreck Diving!

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Thanks again Capt Roger and Chris for taking us out on another great dive. As always you guys provide top notch service. And thanks to Gene and the guys at Atlantic Divers for putting together one of the best dives of the season. This is by far the best diving we have had so far this year and if the weather holds out we should have a few great dives left.

I want to personally thank Steve and Pat for allowing them to buddy up on my 1st and 2nd dives, respectively, so that I could still partake in the wonderful conditions that we experienced. It was strange leaving my buddy on the boat but he has assured me that he will be back and ready for action before the season ends. I was actually proud of him for aborting the dives and not trying to push his way through, sometimes he can be a bit stubborn.

So come on folks and get signed up for a dive before the season ends. There's only a few left for this year. This is the best time of year for getting in the water. And I can assure you that once you make your first trip, it won't be your last. Matt Jr and I put it off all last year and finally signed up for a trip this spring and all I can say is, we should have done it sooner. This is some of the best diving there is and some of the best people in the sport to share it with.

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