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Dear Wrecksters,
A great trip to the Eureka this past weekend was had by a dozen Atlantic Divers.  June conditions for the Eureka included sunny skies with 2-4 to calm seas on Sunday and Monday 6-14-15.  The visibility was a good 30 foot plus on all dives when we were visited by a large pod of playful speckled dolphins throughout the dives.  The current ripped on all of our dives, but the group managed 5 to 8 productive dives despite.  John Bernsten plugged his limit of big sea bass. The rest of us spread out over the wreck checking for new productive spots and were well rewarded with some great finds and potential excavation areas.  I was rewarded with a nice doll head, a small doll house cup and saucer a grinding stone and a winding key for a E. Igram clock circa 1880's.   Check out the clock picture. It is still buried there waiting excavation.  I took the key so no one would bother with it.
Some other noted discoveries included some spectacular finds; Mike Edelon recovered a fancy chest lock plate with Arabic writing and unlocked a new area for digging on the next trip.  John Copeland and his sandhog team recovered bottles, door knobs and assorted hardware.

A fun group enjoyed great cooking and an exciting trip,  The Lindsey crew's hospitality was well received.  As always, "A good time was had by few."

Great Wreck Diving!

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Good Wreck Diving!

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