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I just got back from Virginia Beach on a quick trip to check out the overhaul on the Miss Lindsey. Besides new caterpillar engines, a new generator, kitchen, interior and a exciting new hull color, check out the upgrades... in the attached photos.  The face lift makes the Lindsey faster, cleaner, more comfortable and is located close to Lynn Haven Inlet; making easier access. 

l  have scheduled lot's of exciting trips this year on the new Miss Lindsey. I will be adding one day trips as well as overnight trips for a variety of wreck sites including the popular Eureka, Ocean Venture, Morgan, Ethel -C, Bow Mariner and some northern Maryland wrecks...  Your destination suggestions will be considered.  Spring is near and I will have some early trips in April, May so don't procrastinate on your yearly maintenance and equipment upgrades. 

I also have the Sea Lion scheduled to return for a month of diving back to Atlantic City.  Last year was a big success with lot's of great dives with Captain Al.

For you Cape May divers I have seven trips scheduled to hit those popular offshore sites like the Northern Pacific, Jones, Hvoslef, Miraflores, Max's Wreck, Terror wreck etc...

Also consider some variety of diving this year, we will head north again in August and I will be getting a itinerary together for that trip soon.

I look forward to seeing you this season.  Let's go diving!

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Good Wreck Diving!

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