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The water temperature is still too cold for most wetsuit divers, but here is an event all can do even if you don't dive.

Check our Face Book photo pages for some shots of our recent trip.  This is a great social start to the season, where everyone can participate.  Fourteen Atlantic Divers were on board 10 kayaks and 2 canoes.  We did the Oswego river, a nice four hour run.  BJ Cino, Joanie Peterson, Steve Lagreca and Michele McGlaucklin and I managed to alternately lead the convoy.  Being in the front has some advantages.  We were able to spot turtles sunning, assorted birds, hawks and vultures, plus deer scurrying along the shore and even a river crossing of a doe with her yearlings.  The weather was perfect for paddling starting in the 50s then rising to the mid sixties and sunny all day.

The river is scenic with twists, turns and narrows. Only one tree fell across the river, where we were presented with a backup.  Here I lost my Ray Bans...fortunately they were scratched and I was due for an upgrade.  The canoers Keith and Sam Peterson, Glen Brennan and Suzi Mooney negotiated the lowly fallen tree with little effort and the rest followed through unscathed.  Keith and Sam did a spectacular beaching of their canoe.  Powered by Keith, they rammed the beach landing craft style, Sam leaped onto the shore and Keith spilled into the drink. At the lunch break, they dried out and swallowed some pride over a slightly soggy turkey hoagie.  Here on the forest beach, we soaked up the sun, energized and reloaded for the second half of our voyage.
More beautiful scenery was beheld and only one grounding and a spill from a low lying branch tipped Richie Herrick.  Master yaker Steve Seeberger and his dad Charlie helped un-swamp Richie and they quickly brought the group together.  You could hear Matt and Matthew chuckling through the forest as we paddled up to Harrison Lake.  A good time was had by few with some great conditions for our trip.

Thanks to all for joining in the fun.
Good Paddling,

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Good Wreck Diving!


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Thanks for putting together a great trip. To quote a really wise man, a great time was had by few.

Definitely looking forward to doing this again.

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