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Now you will have to take that picture of your monster lobster underwater.  The latest law CRAB AND LOBSTER MANAGEMENT 7:25-14.13  below will put an end to holding the big one on the boat.  Over the years, I have seen some huge lobster landed including a 26 pound lobster captured by Chuck Wine, two 20 pounders landed by Dennis Martin, a 13 pound crusher claw captured off the Tolten and numerous bags of assorted bugs captured off some great offshore wrecks.     Diving legend, the late George Hoffman once labeled Bill Hoodiman, the best lobster hunter that ever dived.  "He caught more lobsters by accident than most divers will catch in their lifetime on purpose." Hoffman exclaimed.  Harvey Leonard (Crazy Harvey) had a long time bet that he could out catch any diver willing to put $5000.00 up.  He had numerous trophy lobster to prove his ability.  As far as I know, no one contested him. 
I once witnessed a diver get his mask crushed staring too closely at a large lobster cornered in a hole.  Divers have lost finger nails, had thumbs crushed, and have been pinched through their mesh bug bags on their legs and other unmentionable, yet horrific places.  Hoodiman once had a 12 pound lobster that did not want to ascend, grab the anchor line forcing him to abandon the claw on his delayed ascent. 
After the 18 mile Stone Barge was discovered in the late seventies over 4 dozen humongous bugs were brought on to the Sea Lion.  Gary Gentile separated his extra large bug bags into two categories normal 3-10 pounders and  the other was reserved for10 pounders and up.
There are rumors and legends from the past that a 50 pound monster laid out on the propeller of the San Diego in the sixties and a Russian trawler netted a 100 pound er within the two hundred mile limit and was caught by the Coast Guard in the seventies.  Such lobster stories exist and the legends of those original hunters will  live on.   We will no longer be able to recover those trophy lobster, but  I am sure will see many in the future.  They will probably lose some of their fear factor and attack divers like those long protected lobsters of Nova Scotia.  One time my dive partner Lynn DelCorio and I were forced out of a small cove by an extremely aggressive 20 pound lobster that kept attacking us in the shallow grassy waters while bottle diving.  The lobster had the character of a crab rather than it's sedentary Jersey cousin.  We both were on our guard through out the dive, as it snapped and swung it's massive claws around nipping at our extremities. 
Good Hunting!
Atlantic Diver

New legislation approved.
New maximum carapace limit (both sexes) of 5 and 1/4 inches and maximum limit now applies to the recreational fishery.  V notch changes to 1/8 inch for female lobster.  Bag (creel) limits are still 6 lobsters per person per day.  Changes mandated by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
Excerpts from the New Jersey Administrative Code Title 7
7:25-14.13 Size of lobster taken
(a) A person shall not take from the marine waters of this State by any means, import, export, offload at any port, have in his or her possession, buy, sell or offer to buy or sell, any American lobster of the genus and species Homarus americanus, which when measured from the rear end of the eye socket along a line parallel to the center line of the body shell to the rear end of the body shell is less than the lengths listed below after the dates stipulated.
After    Minimum Size (Inches)
July 1, 2004    33/8

Good Wreck Diving!
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