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Twelve Atlantic Divers settled in onboard the Dina Dee Sunday morning.  After a long windy spring with frustrating cancellations rolling seas and uncertain visibility, this past weekend was an excellent opportunity to dive a few days in a row.  Flat seas dominated and good visibility finally prevailed.

 After  a short discussion with crew and customers all elected to dive the freighter Chaparra.  A great chance to go to a favorite wreck which has been overlooked due to the chaotic spring.  Our bets were right on all counts.  The shorter run, flat seas and great visibility on a wreck which lay un-dived all spring offered all divers the chance to bring home sea bass or an abundance of lobster.  We were pleasantly rewarded.  Visibility was twenty to thirty feet. Surface temperatures were in the sixties and the a brisk 49 degree thermocline tingled the sensations for wetsuit divers. 

The Chaparra often produces large lobster where the hull has separated and where numerous shelve-like holes meet an upper level filled with the white sand.  Lying starboard side up, a debris field spills out into the sand.  Here the occasional porthole or brass adornment is uncovered by the shifting sands. Swimming from the stern, a boiler lies on its side like a giant tin can.  The hull breaks into a second shelf dropping another 5 feet deeper where there is a second opportunity to search for lobster in the crevices on your return swim.  The bow is separated, laying approximately thirty feet from the rest of the contiguous hull.  Evidence clearly of the blast from striking the mine laid by the  U-117 in 1918.

A great day on the water was well earned by those that persevered the spring.  Everyone took home dinner and some larger legal lobsters were pulled from their shelves. Those Atlantic Divers included Roger Cooper, Andrew Karostinos, Chuck Cole, Joe Alberto, Pat Forchiano, Tom Harris, Jean-Marc Haab, Dan Burke,  Dave Streno, Matt Herrick and Jason King.  Cudos to Captain Roger and Chris O'Donnell for a their hard work crewing us safely and smoothly on our voyage.     


Good Wreck Diving!
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