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Kudos and Special Thanks,


            The following individuals and businesses generously donated to the American Cancer Society at Atlantic Divers Annual Cancer Awareness Dive on November 20.  It was a great day with warm air and water temps.  A chile and hot dog barbecue warmed the group for their surface interval.  Atlantic Divers would like to thank all who participated.  Your donation went to the local chapter of the South Jersey American Cancer Society to be used during the holidays for those suffering from the affects of this disease. Your donations have made a difference in their lives.


Marcy Bell

Roger Hoden

George Dreher

Dave Oldham

Dennis Frazier

Brian Roemer

Bill Dixon

Steve Shivers

Lee Nugent

Mike Benson

Mark Clark

Karl Decker

Walt Snyder

Bob Burns

Derek and Devon Robinson

Teal Rogers

Bill Cavage

Ron Frazier

Bill, Paul and Roxanne Kupple

Steve and Tyler Alberts

Scott Dougherty

Steve Reed

Nick Tiberio

Victor Krivitski

Lou Miller

Matt and Tara Sutton

Michel Hovan

Victor Cruz

Chris Corso

Brian Rant


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Gene Peterson

Good Wreck Diving!
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