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Thank You,


Once again I would like to thank all those divers and non divers that donated their time, efforts and moneys to make the Atlantic Divers Cancer Awareness Dive a success this past Sunday, November 20 at Dutch Springs Quarry.  As you may know many divers and their loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer.  I have always felt that diving was an extremely safe and enjoyable sport.  More divers have been injured or have died from car accidents, heart attacks and from the subliminal exposure to the sun leading to melanoma, than from actual participation in the great adventure sport of scuba diving.  Annually we can make a difference by showing our concern over this dangerous yet seemingly benign disease that has threatened our friends and family.  With many of the current donations being sent to hurricane and tsunami disasters, the American Cancer Society has had diminished contributions. Cancer in the mean time has continued to increase and spread to staggering proportions.  There is still time to make a donation even though the Cancer Awareness Dive has past.  Cancer takes no holidays and has no deadline to affect us all.  I will turn the contributions in on Thursday, December 1 to the American Cancer Society.  You still have time to contribute.  According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 100 % of your donation will go to the research and patient aid in combating this disease.     Remember to slop on that sunscreen; where a hat and have any uncertain freckle and mole changes checked out by a physician.  Your support and response to this cause is welcome.


Great Wreck Diving!

Gene Peterson

Good Wreck Diving!

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hello all,

Being a cancer surviver myself that of a testiculiar nature, I know of the pains and gains through treatment.I hope all are checked yearly and stay on top of you personal health.May all be healthy and have deep thoughts of future diving below the waves




                     have a good evening,

                      Matt Sutton(stalker1-1)


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Great day with great people.  Chili was outstanding. Marcy great job raising all that $$$$ .



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