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"Sunday we went out on the Submission II, we were headed for the Boiler wreck, it was quite overcast and the inlet was quite snotty, we broke the jetty and headed north. The wind had to be 12 to 15 knots, it was a rough 2 hour plus ride to the site. The seas were 3 to 5 feet, we made several attempts to hook the wreck but kept breaking through. Captain Dave decided we would head in closer to shore. Our next destination was the Astra, a freighter that was struck broadside in fog in 1951. The seas were a lot calmer here and we hooked in right away. Captain Dave saved the day. The surface temperature was mid to upper 70's with 25' of vis. The thermocline was at 45' and the water temp from there to the bottom (89') was 57 degrees. Vis on the bottom was about 15' Marcy Bell and I did a little exploring on the first dive and spent about 22minutes on the bottom. Our second dive we covered some of the same areas, bottom temp was the same, actually it was a copy of the first dive except for one thing. I cought my first lobster and it was legal to boot. I put my arm into the pipe he was living in up past my elbow finally felt a claw grabbed on and prayed he didn't bite. This made the day!!! There were several lobster and a couple of 3 to 4 lb. flounder so we all had a great day. We hit the dock around 4:00PM, a little tired but a great day. Thanks to Captain Dave, Steve, Chuck and Phil."

                           Lou Miller

I learned how to dive online :D

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Make sure you check out Lou and his "special new friend" in the gallery section!

The board looks great Ant!! way to go!

Captain David M. Pfeiffer
Sub-Mission II
Brigantine, New Jersey
"Atlantic City's best wreck diving charters"
boat(609) 442-2568

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