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I know it is a little late but, better late then never right?

We arrived at the Sea Lion on July 2, loaded our gear had headed out.  I was a great day to be on the ocean.  The seas where a calm 1 to 2 foot and we new there was a great day of diving ahead.  The crew gave a briefing of what was going on and my students that are taking TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures planned our first dive of the day.

As we approached the wreck site, Mark geared up and headed in to tie us into the wreck.  Mean while my class and I began suiting up to execute our planned dive.  The cup was up and the pool was open.  Gary Smith, Steve Rupinski and I splashed first.   Followed by Kirk Sherry, Bill Teague and Steve Lagreca. As we descended to the wreck it came into view at 40 feet and we touched down at about 65 feet.  I swam over the wreck and dropped down to mid level at about 105 feet, just swimming along and checking things out.  Then proceeded to drop to the bottom at 130' to see if there where any scallops around.  After about 25 minutes on the bottom it was time to start our ascent and about 15-20 minutes of deco.

Everyone in the class executed their dives just as planned.  We start our deco at 40' and made stops up to 20' where we switch to O2.  Everyone made there gas switch exactly how the should and keep great buoyancy while hovering at there stops.

The second dive was more of the same.  Great dives and great fun.  Kirk and I recovered a small brass valve, Mark recovered some glasses   Lobster and mussels were brought up as well.

It was a great day of dive and congrats to the guys taking the TDI Tec class, only two more dive to go.

I learned how to dive online :D
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