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Posted by Captain Al:

Sunday the 18th : Atlantic Divers, Gene had the boat chartered to the Stolt and that’s where I wanted to get to. We had customers arriving by 0500 and left the dock at 0600. At three miles from the wreck we turned on the radar, to say that I was disappointed would have been an understatement. Right there on the radar screen at the same range as the way point and just a degree or so off we had a solid target, ARGHH! This was not going to be good, but not wanting to get too upset till I could actually see who it was I spent the next 20 minutes scanning between the radar the plotter and the horizon. Did I mention the other boat was a degree or so off from three miles out, well as I approached the wreck I realized he was fishing a few hundred yards off to the south and we had the wreck to ourselves, YES! Now we had a mixed bag on-board, instructors, students doing advanced nitrox/deco procedures divers trying out new gear for the first time, you get the picture.

We finally got them all in for their first dive and with only one left in the water I sent my second captain Dan in for his dive and when he returned I turned the deck over to Captain Boylan and I finally got to dive. See there was this whole thing about getting to the Stolt not some artificial piece of junk and me getting in the water, well you get that picture as well.

Good week!

Good Wreck Diving!
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