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Good morning all!

Saturday was a great day to be on the water. Original destination was the Inshore Tug, but we found that to be occupied upon arrival, not surprising for a holiday weekend. We headed over to the Magnolia, and were hooked in no time at all. Seas had to be less than a foot, and surface vis was so clear you could see the lighthouse on the horizon. Bottom vis was great also, as at about 50' you could see the wreck on the bottom. Bottom temp was about 50, give or take a few degrees. Capt Roger set out a line over to the bow section for anyone willing to make the swim, and those who did were rewarded with a few nice fluke(Capt George with a 28"). Very few lobster came up, maybe only one or two.

All in all it was a great day; great weather, nice people on the boat, and excellent underwater conditions. See you all soon!


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I agree, despite the lobster being few and far between on this lobster dive, everyone seemed to have an excellent day due to the viz.  It was a solid 30' in my book. Have to start advertising these as photo dives or something.

Take what ya can, give nothin back....


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don't touch, no help!!!!! stop touching me


                 see ya'll

              Matt Sutton D.M.
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