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Hey Wrecksters

Over the past few months there has been much discussion and conclusion drawn over these North Carolina wrecks.  Check out the conclusions.  Don't get confused. Here's how it goes ... The San DelFino is the Papoose; the Mirlo is the San DelFino; the Papoose is the Hutton; the Hutton is the Ario.  The Equipoise is Mexicano; the Ciltivara is still missing ... as is the Mirlo... and the Equipoise. The City of Atlanta is 20 miles north of it's original suspected location....Some of this controversy started when various artifacts were recovered through Atlantic Divers expeditions... This current information may change as more evidence and artifacts are collected.

Read on:


Good Wreck Diving!

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Originally Posted by AtlanticDivers
the Ciltivara is still missing ... as is the Mirlo... and the Equipoise.

Hi Gene-

Lots of potential still off NC!  The tanker musical chair number is pretty much settled; it may be a little confusing as so many wrecks had to be shuffled, but the evidence is pretty conclusive.  I wish I had more space to write about it in WDM as there is lots to the saga! 


It was great to work with so many divers to put the story together -- and just think you had the key piece just sitting under your nose! 


Anyway, the CILT is likely a wreck in 150 and the MIRLO is probably right where she is supposed to be, but swallowed up by soupy bottom (like the MARORE).  There are still several wrecks still to be found and identified however.  Cool stuff, eh?! 





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