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The day started out picture perfect.  We had 1-2’ seas and the sun was shining bright.  After gathering at the dock for an 8am departure (when all dives should leave ) we headed out to our destination of the San Jose.  I jumped in to tie us in to the wreck, the surface viz wasn’t so hot, so I was expecting a typical mudhole dive with little viz.  I was surprised on arrival to have about 25 feet of viz on the bottom and otherwise perfect diving conditions.  The water is still a bit brisk for the season, but nothing a little neoprene can’t solve.  I spent my first dive inspecting some lobster pots which had been ensnarled in the wreck.  I was hoping for it to be Christmas morning in the tangled mess, but there was plenty of room at the inn.  Chris Jazmin noticed the situation as well and between the two of us, we opened 7 traps. We did our good deed for the ocean.  Gene also took part in cleaning up the ocean by recovering some trash from the bottom.  While I was on the wreck for my first dive, some strange set of circumstances plus what might be termed a “rogue wave” sent my second set of steel 120’s to the bottom.  They slid out under the railing in what could only be called a gear suicide attempt.  Thankfully, Gene was feeling gracious enough to look for my tanks and do an extended tour of the wreck.  He sent them up and saved the day, at least my day   The wind began to kick up in the afternoon and we headed back in but not empty handed.  Gene found a lobster and a piece of intact china. Tom Fagan recovered a large piece of wood which could possibly be a lifeboat bench, or a mantle of some sort.  And I had my tanks back.  All in all it was a good day for all those present and I think from now on I’ll be adding the importance of tank bungies to my morning speech



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