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Eleven Atlantic Divers ventured to these two World War II liberty ships lost in collisions 30 plus miles off Cape Henry, Virginia.  After a speedy cruise to the Luckenback, night divers soon found numerous bugs wandering the wreckage in the 30 foot visibility.  Flat seas accented the night and following day dives. 

In the still morning twilight, eager wrecksters plunged into the tranquility of a motionless sea.  The ridiculous flat waters magnified the splash of divers as rippling waves spread across the salt water pool.  Soon all were immersed in the blue water exploring and photographing the stern of the dilapidated freighter.  The Lillian Luckenback carried war supplies and a massive pleura of cargo lay spilled about the sand.  An abundance of unused tires vividly remind us of the American manufacturing efforts put forth to win the war.  Here a few large tautog  meander the debris and a couple monkfish lay camouflaged on the outskirts of the wreck waiting for the unsuspecting lobster or fish. 

It had been more than a decade since I dived the Luckenback and the continuous disintegration has dramatically changed the structure.  No longer can one swim through the stern deck house to view the auxiliary helm.  It has collapsed and now covers the mechanism. The hull has apparently split open as the weight became unsupported and the prop shaft is visible through a rip that now parallels it.
After an early morning brunch, we made a short jaunt over to the John Morgan. Within a few minutes, Captain Lucky and crew had us tied into the starboard side of the wreck within a few feet of a Valentine tank and another massive pile of cargo including tires, gun shells, and motorcycles.   Here more photographic opportunity was had amongst the armored tanks.  Exciting recoveries were made by Sanford Levy which included an intact coffee mug and cage light. John Copeland rescued a heavy brass switch handle and a porthole was recovered by Anthony Tedeschi. 

On board we were privileged to have world class photographer and author Brad Sheard as well as veteran diver Mike Boring.  The rest of us whom appreciated the fantastic conditions included Steve LaGreca, Mike Benson, Roger Cooper, Mike and Lee Nugent...

 Many cu dos to the crew of the Miss Lindsey for their great hospitality and special congratulations are in order to Becky, Jake, Scott and Lindsey on their recent blessings. 

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Good Wreck Diving!

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