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A duplicate trip, only unbelievably better, if that is possible.  Capt Mark, Don, mate Tom and chef extraordinaire Dana made grand accommodations for Atlantic Divers group including repeaters Big John Copeland, Guy Harrington, Mark Clark Tom Fagan, and Steve LaGreca.  New adventurers included Justin Clark, Keith Wrisley, Tom Harris, Mike Edelen, Drew Glass and Sandford Levy.   After another delicious dinner at Ruddee's the group loaded and sped off to the John Morgan.  A good break-in dive for the group with 20 plus visibility over the medical room section. Divers settled into their bunks as flat seas and a clear moonlit night lulled us to sleep.
Before daybreak we were once again sped to the ultimate destination, the Eureka.  I tied into the boilers and ran a line to the cargo area again covered deeply by sand from past hurricane Ike.  The marine life was once again incredibly diverse with the exciting addition of some behemoth sand tiger sharks.  Eight were counted ranging in sizes of 8 feet and larger.

After breakfast divers set out to begin scootering the bottle hole and a few recoveries were made.  More sand needed to be moved and Big John led the group blasting everything in site including unwary lobsters, sharks and inattentive divers. With his scooter and fellow sand hogs (Guy,Tom H. and Keith) they worked in unison with Big John making a bomb crater hole that can only be compared to a WWI bunker.  On each dive progress was being made and again the mother load was uncovered.  Dozen of bottles were set free from their 120 year old tomb.  Mike Edelen and Steve LaGreca scootered another area recovering a cool brass horseshoe, labeled Simmons Liver Regulator, TAKE IN TIME.  Actually this was a face of a clock that was used to advertise the cure all.  

Justin Clark and Mark Clark recovered grinding stones while assisting me in the recovery of pentagon shaped 12" diameter porthole.  In addition Tom Fagan too recovered a larger stone. Drew and Sandford worked a different spot recovering doll legs, doorknobs and machete parts. The visibility was 30 -70 feet on the average, making for an additional beautiful night dive navigating warily between the sharks, turtles and our friend the apparent resident oceanic sunfish.  On the final dive all shared in the booty working co-operatively on the dig.   Our return trip was flat and sunny making for comfortable leisurely upper deck talk reminiscing on our return run to Virginia beach.  Hard to believe that the former trip could be out done but this one was a ditto plus. 

Good Wreck Diving!
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