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Ocean Wreck Diving Advanced Course: Introduction to Wreck Diving.
Whether you just completed your basic scuba class or you have logged dozens of dives this unique course will cover lifetime wreck diving skills that will make you a safer, and more proficient diver. Learn the proper techniques in wreck navigation, deeper wreck diving, decompression techniques, upline reel use, artifact recognition, recovery and restoration, lobster hunting and rescue.  Few classes go into the depth of wreck diving this course entails. 

This course is open to all certified divers.  $350.00 includes tour guides, pool sessions, textbook and lectures. Quarry and Boat fees are additional. Rental equipment is available at a discounted price for students.
Additional dives are to be scheduled with the shop for certification.

Newly certified divers and Experienced divers interested in improving their wreck diving proficiency techniques will benefit from this specialty course.  
NAUI Instuctor #4951: Gene Peterson been teaching diving since 1976.  An avid wreck diver, he has logged over 4500 wreck dives off the North Atlantic from Florida to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. These adventures have included discoveries of more than 30 undived wrecks, seven Andrea Doria expeditions,  diving safety officer for the Gary Gentile's 1990 Monitor Photographic Expedition, and has led over 25 expeditions to Nova Scotia and numerous wreck discovery adventures off the Mid-Atlantic coast. 
With a in depth understanding of wreck history, Gene has recovered and preserved thousands of artifacts, including four helms, two bells, two telegraphs, four compass binacles, over one hundred portholes, plus diverse assorted artifacts including china and bottles. Gene was lead team diver in the Andrea Doria, Gambone artwork recovery on the Moyer Expedition in 1993.
In addition, Gene Peterson has a 100 ton Ocean Operator's liscense and a teaching degree from Rowan University.
 Good Wreck Diving!

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Good Wreck Diving!

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