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The best way to begin this is WOW!  What a day on the Atlantic. At around 8:00 AM, Thursday September 20, we began loading our gear on what has to be the finest dive boat on the east coast, the BIG MAC.  Once all of our gear was stowed the big CAT diesel fired up, lines were cast off and we were on our way.  The sun was bright and the seas were calm.  Destination: the Inshore Paddle wheeler.  After clearing the inlet the captain set the autopilot and we were off.  There was plenty of room in the cabin so everyone sat around discussing diving and reviewing the extensive artistic library that was on board, along with a freshly made cup of coffee.  With just a few miles to go we saw the Ursala  Dive boat heading to it’s destination.  We arrived by 11:00AM, dropped the hook and Gene Peterson did the tie in honors.  The pool was open!!! Mike E and myself were that third pair to splash.  The surface temperature was 70 degrees and a clear deep blue color.  One step off the back of the boat, spin around and the adventure begins.  The down line takes you to about 20’ then it heads to the anchor line.  The thermocline was located at about 70 foot and the water turned green but the visibility was 25 to 30 foot.  Mike and I decided we would not go into a deco situation, but spend our bottom time just enjoying the area near the tie in site.  Mike had taken his camera but it would not turn on so we spent the dive just looking at the sights and touring the area.  There was lots of white nylon rope criss-crossing the wreck, a sure sign that someone is spending time out here.  There were lots of nooks and crannies but we didn’t see any lobster.  My computer registered 55 degrees on the bottom.  Our time was running low so we packed up and began the assent. After a nice leisurely assent I reached another highlight of the trip.  Swim up to the ladder, let your feet drop down and bada-bing your on the ladder, the easiest climb on the east coast.  As I take my mask off I was surrounded by the smell of freshly grilled hot dogs.  Pretty soon it was time for our second dive, it was a carbon copy of the first one, visibility and temperature remained the same, this time Mike and I set off in a different direction and just enjoyed the sights.  Chuck Cole brought back one keeper lobster, Tom Fagan ventured off to the subway cars that are close by, but found no scallops.  Captain Harold Moyers found a pair of silver spoons, one of which has a date and company name.  I am sure they will look great when they a cleaned up.  Gene went in last to untie the hook and we were homeward bound.  We hit the dock at about 6:30 PM.  What a great day we had, today we can’t use Gene’s saying at the end of a dive, today we have to say, “A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL”.  The divers on this trip were, Captain Harold Moyers, Gene Peterson, Tom Fagan, Victor Krivitski, Bill Cavage,  Chuck Cole, Mike E and Lou Miller.  This is a first class operation, throughout.  I am sure I can speak for everyone on board when I say, Captain Harold, Thank You very much for a great day of diving on your beautiful boat.  And a special thanks to Gene for putting it all together. 

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