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Sat. 6-30 was a great dive to be shared by few.
The first dive was uneventful, I showed two guys from out of town the Great Isaac. They where impressed by the amount of sea life and of course
I cut myself good. Back on the boat I took a good razzing from the crew because I bled on the
deck of their boat. I then went to the swim platform to rinse my cut, about 10 minutes later we had a finned friend swimming about the trail of blood,
(it was a small amount of blood). We kept a keen eye on the ocean for our friend. He stuck around for about 5 minutes, then Chris the mate decided it was time to get back in the water. He had no problems so like little ducks we followed him to the bottom.
 Thanks to the crew for another great day of diving!!
             See you all real soon!
                  Matt Sutton-DM

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You forgot to mention the sheer size of the had to be a good 3.5 maybe 4 feet long.  Monster.  I wasn't too worried anyway, anything with that good a sense of smell wouldn't come anywhere near my ""Dry"" suit.

Take what ya can, give nothin back....

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