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A classic wreck dive was had by 12 and crew this Sunday to the Great Isaac tug in 90 feet of water off Barnegate Light.  A slight chop with occasion 3 footers pushed us out as Captain Dennis and Chris dropped us in the mid section just over the engine room.

 The 185' ocean going tug has disintegrated considerably in the the past few years and new areas have opened up as old areas like where the engine funnel used be have caved in.  A familiar access area to the main engine is now closed, because a huge condenser has broke free and cut off the tunnel.  Lobster litter the interior where an abundance of light offers new hunting grounds to explore.  Today a mussel infested wreck offers inhabitants and divers plenty with little effort.  Two swell dives were made as the group enjoyed prime conditions underwater with 20 to 40 foot plus visibility in 57 degree water. 

 A few old timers rehashed past Great Isaac dives for the those looking forward to their first dip on this grand old wreck.  A fun filled day with some good divers included two father son teams of the  Eric and Bill Litschi' and the John and Kyle Chudinski, plus Joe Zeisweiss, Mike Benson, Mike Nugent, Pete Kirk, Kevin Gordemer, Jason King, Roger Cooper, Gary Smith, Dave Streno and myself.  A ton of mussels, a pile of sea bass and lobsters made for a good Sunday night dinner.

Always a good time to be had on the Dina Dee, much Thanks to Dennis and Chris for a great day.


Good Wreck Diving!
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