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Gary Smith was the most gentle and giving person to share diving with.  He was a long time Divemaster for several boats, clubs, shops and for the past dozen plus years has been divemastering, in particular on the Dina Dee, assisting in classes and has been a cornerstone mentor for Atlantic Divers.  Gary was passionate about wreck diving, collecting and spearfishing.  More than any other activity, Gary enjoyed taking new divers under his wing and imparting his great knowledge of diving, the sea, and  his philosophy of how to be a good  parent, husband and friend.  He continually shared his detailed stories, Yodels, sandwiches and sodas on every trip. His good nature never faltered. He was tireless, dedicated, cheerful and unassuming.  Gary never complained and always contributed.
Gary passed away this past Saturday after a routine dive on the Great Isaac.  After sharing a normal ascent with his dive partner, Gary swam to the boat and landed his  catch of mussels.  He then ascended the ladder on his own power. He was not rescued from the water. To set the record straight....there was no foul play, nor was it a diving accident. He collapsed on the boat AFTER HIS DIVE!
The crew of the Dina Dee handled this tragic event with professionalism, efficiency and with great care for their dear friend Gary.
Gary Smith founded the underwater search and rescue team in Lacey. He dedicated his life to helping others. Funeral Services are to be held at Riggs Funeral Home in Lacey on Tues. from 2-4 and 7-9. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting contributions to the Underwater Search and Rescue Team in Lacey, Gary's life-long passion. The Museum of NJ Maritime History is also listed as a recipient in lieu of flowers.
We shall never forget his gentle ways and acts of kindness.

Gene Peterson

Good Wreck Diving!

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I met Gary and his wife about 20 years ago when I was just a teenager entering the EMS world. They were some of my first instructors and mentors. As Gene said, he was a great friend and lived to give to and help others, under any circumstances. His generous nature and great personality made him very easy to love. When my family took up diving, Gary was always there to answer questions, give advice and help out anyway he could, especially with my two boys. We were with Gary on Saturday when he passed away, it was a great loss to everyone.

Rest in Peace, Gary. You will be loved and missed for all eternity.


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I can't believe that it has been a year ago already that we had lost a great friend. Seems like only yesterday that Gary was laughing and enjoying life with us.

They say time heals all wounds, but this one is still fresh and hurting. Gary lives on in the hearts and memories of the many folks he touched over the years. You may be gone my friend, but you will never be forgotten.

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