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We made it to the Freighter!!!


After the weather forecast changing from good to bad and bad to good all week, we decided to push are departure time for Saturdays dive to 6am on Saturday morning.  Everyone began showing up and loading the boat about 5am.  The weather was not looking promising to make the 51 mile journey to the Freighter.  After some discussion on some alternate sites we shoved off and headed out.  When the Big Mac broke the inlet we were greeted my calm 2 ft seas, so we decided to make the long haul to the Freighter.  Everyone on boarded was excited to make this trip because even some of our more seasoned divers have only been to this wreck 2-3 times (This was a first for me).


After are run to the wreck site the seas built to about 4 ft but the surface vis looked promising.  Tom Packer and I suited up to tye into the wreck.  Tom splashed first and I followed shortly after.  I found Tom at 120 ft signaling me to turn around, so that means only one thing we pulled out of the wreck .  We ascended did our safety stop and got back on bored to try it again.  This time we re-hooked the wreck and splashed in right away.  When we approached 120 ft this time we were greeted by the wreck.  Tom went ahead of me and did his thing, I was just watching a seasoned veteran at work.  Once we tyed in we headed to scope out the wreck.  I got maybe 20 ft from the anchor (near the donkey boiler) and was greeted by a nice 6lb bug ready to be picked up.  I continued my swim along the wreck coming up on the main boilers, did a swim around them and headed back towards the anchor line.  Chris Jasmin and Tom Fagon were heading into the wreck as I was returning so I was not expecting any more bugs until I saw those little whips sticking out of another hole.  It was another nice bug about 4lbs this time.  I reached  the anchor line and started my ascent with having done about 30 min on the bottom and had a good 40 mins of deco ahead of me.


Back on the boat stories were being exchanged about everyone's dive and how Bill supposedly saw this huge 20 ft shark on his hang, but the other 4 guys saw nothing (Sure Bill there was something).  Well there actually was, Paul Whittaker was leaving the wreck after his dive and two great big Baskin Sharks cruised on bye (One was about 20 ft and the other about 15ft). 


Everyone changed over there gear, had some lunch, and got a nice 2hr surface interval it was time to go again.  Supposedly there were some sharks around the boat when I was napping so only three of us were making the 2nd dive.  I went down did my thing and caught two more nice lobster in the 4-5lb ranges and on my way back to the anchor line I got one more smaller guy but my bag was a little full and I did not want to mess around with trying to but the bug into the bag so he said in my head all the way up.  Plus I figured if the sharks showed up I can offer a sacrifice to them.  My lobster and I did all are deep stops and then I tail roped him on the deco station at 15 ft for the rest of my hang.


Everyone got back on the boat safely after the second dive and had a great time.  Are grand total for lobsters was 15 bugs (Chris - 5, Tom F - 2, Paul W-2, myself- 5),  Brain Romer and Bill Cavage scored with some nice scallops.  Paul also got a nice brass turn wheel from the wreck as well.


Bottom vis was 50+ ft and the bottom temp was 46 degrees.


It was a great day on the water and a even better one under.



I will post pics as soon as I receive them, so guys who took pics please email them to me:

I learned how to dive online :D
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