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After some discussion with Captain Al his past week, we decided to change the destination to a old very overlooked site... The name of the wreck is mearly suspect and needs more positive proof to confirm it's identity.  The depth was shallower and made for a perfect area for the spearfisherpersons on board. The depth was also good for introducing new ocean divers to a fairly tame wreck.  Diggers enjoyed blasting away the century of sand in search of new discoveries.  The surface remained flat and calm all day making a nice day on the water with new friends to share the diving.   Plus, the fishing was good, the visibility was great for the new divers and future exploration will lead to great discoveries on this old site...


Below is more synopsis provided by Captain Al. 




Sunday the 31st – Atlantic Divers – Vivian 80’ Well instead of heading south to the Vivian we left the inlet and turned north to explore a wreck that although known is something that I’ve wanted to take a closer look at.  Gene had a full boat with divers ranging from extremely experienced to two doing their first North Atlantic dive. Now I’ve been over this wreck a number of times and had yet to dive it, Sunday was to be the first time I would get to see how close my divers descriptions had been. To a man they had all said it was a “small” wreck, which goes to show that I need to get in the water more often. Admittedly only a small portion of it was sticking out of the sand but it was not a “small” wreck by any means, what it does mean is that the dredge will need to be employed to remove the overburden. Winter project….


We hope to be there for more exploration with Captain Al.



Good Wreck Diving!
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