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This Wednesday, We got out on the Sea Lion to the wreck of the Emerald, Kenny forwarded me this clip.  It turned into a perfect day, flat calm, great visibility and 55 degree bottom temp at 80 ft. 
I've been getting spoiled this year, just about all the trips have been going, great temps, great visibility. Inshore is just as good off shore.  If you have been waiting to get out, don't miss the boat, Its that good !
Call the shop and get a spot 609-641-7722
If you know someone that would like to try New Jersey or you need someone to dive with, call the shop we will buddie you up with a tour guide on a boat.
Hope to dive with you,
John Copeland
Diving on the Sea Lion Wednesday I had the pleasure of watching John Copeland float up a boiler head that had not seen the sun since the 1800s.   Steve,  the able mate of the Sea Lion jumped off the boat and secured the head to the winch and it was go time. I posted pics on Youtube, type in, Emerald Wreck New Jersey and it will come up.
Tin man

Good Wreck Diving!
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