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Gene, just saw the pics of East Port. How deep was the dives you guys did up there? lots of people asking questions.


looks like a fun time. look forward to next year and hopefully nothing is blown out.


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Eastport was discovered by Andy Pierro and John Galvin while on there way to Nova Scotia. Traditionally we would dive there on the way up as a break in dive.  Sometimes we would end up there at night and dive anyhow.  One year on the way up Lynn DelCorio, Jim Brightly and I were getting ready to go in to the water, when a fisherman asked us if we had seen the Great White that had been harpooned in the Tuna pins up the river.  We dived it any way.  As expected I waited in the shallows and grabbed Lynn's legs at the end of the dive, just for effect.  A great place to dive with dramatic tidal changes and current changes is par for the course. There are two whirlpools located in the harbor.  An experience guide is a pretty good idea to prevent being flushed away.  The depth ranges from 20 feet to about 120 depending on where you go and how far out you swim.  Other obstacles include tugboat and harbor traffic that plies the harbor.  Despite the whirlpools, sharks, current and twenty foot tidal changes the area is loaded with old bottles, clay pipes and many unique finds and super visibility.  Great for a spring dive adventure.  Oh yeah I forgot the water is cold sometimes too.... 

Good Wreck Diving!

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If we can get some guys to go up to Eastport next May, I would be glad to guide them. I still need a few more clay pipes and blue poison bottles. Joe & I found a cheaper hotel close by and I would like to try thr local camp ground.

Pending not being anywhere 12 time zones away in May. I'm in Dallas now until end of year (I think)



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