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What a great way to start the season!!!


Arriving at the Dina Dee at 6am, I was greeted by half the divers on our trip.  There was a buzz in the air, everyone wanted to get their first dive in of the season.  After everyone loaded their gear we headed out to the San Saba.


We started to make our way out of the inlet; I knew it was going to be a great day.  The sun was shinning, the wind was almost nothing and the seas were flat.  The Dina Dee pulled up to the wreck site, and the captain made a few passes the hook was dropped.  Within 10 minutes we were in the wreck and the pool was open.


Chris Jazmin hit the water first and was on a mission to grab some bugs.  Gary Smith Sr., Scott Nichols and Rob where the next group in and they where all excited to be first.  Rob had a new regulator to try out and this was Scott's first North Atlantic Ocean dive.  They were followed by the rest of the crew aboard the boat.


As I waited, onboard for the others to return I was getting excited.  It has only been a few weeks from my last ocean or cave dive but months and months since my last NJ wreck dive and I couldn't wait.


The divers started to make their way back on board, Brian R and I began to suit up.  Brian was in first and I was a few seconds behind.  I hit the water and I was off.  Descending down the line I passed Andrew Glass and Sanford Levy making their way up the line and looked like they had some goodies.


I swam around for a little looking hear and there for some lobsters, but only found one and she had eggs, so I put her back in her home and was on my way.  I then found a large mono trolling net fouled up in the wreck and a large Seabass tangled in it.  I went over grab a hold of it cut it free and in the good bag he went.


My next mission was to find Brian and see what we could dig up with a scooter.  Brian found a spot and started blasting; we spent about 20 minutes digging and moving large pieces out of the way and came up with some brass screws and a broken glass bottle.  At about 35-min minutes into the dive we headed up to the boat.


Once back onboard everyone was in a flurry talking about there dives and what they saw and found.  After some lunch and a surface interval we were back at it again. 


All in all it was a great day for diving, with a bunch of great people.  The bottom vis when not using the scooter was 10-15ft and bottom temp was 50-53 degrees F depending on who you asked.


Tally of what came up:

    Chris Jazmin: 3 lobster

    Mike Edlen: 1 lobster and 1 Seabass

    Sanford Levy: 3-4lbs of brass hardware and a very nice lock (Drew did you see the lock?   )

    Brian R, Drew & Ant:  brass screws and I got a nice seabass

    Scott Nichols: enough mono to fill a fishing reel


Thanks to everyone onboard it was a great trip and we all had a great time.


Pictures will be added soon.

I learned how to dive online :D
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