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Over twenty Atlantic Divers students, certified divers and friends joined in our November 20th last scheduled certification dive.  We added a bonfire and barbecue to round out the season. Wow! What a great turnout and a nice day for all. 

We were greeted with warm air temperatures in the mid-sixties on land and a high 58 degrees in the water.  After the first plunge, Geoff Graham lit the fire, John Copeland fired up the barbeque and got his sauteed portebellas grilling.  Our fall divers included students Shane Delorme, Liz Bullock, Patricia Johnson, John Daffin, Brianna Dougherty, Teresa Clarelli, Marcy Cohen, Vince Cannici and certifieds include Jason King,  Joe Dobarro, the Herricks, Dawn Blessing, Sanford and son... Levy's and first time dry diver Tommy Colledge.  Additional family and bubble watchers gathered by the fire's warmth even though it was a rather mild day.

A variety of good food was on hand which ranged from assorted cheeses, peperoni, homemade pepper sauces and dips, portabella burgers, dogs, Hot Sanford chili, cool s'mores, brownies, and Cohen carrot cake.  A good time munching and chatting was had by the fire after the dives. 

Thanks and congratulations to all that joined in the gathering.  We look forward to some winter bottle diving, wreck dives and an exciting 2012 season.
Also cu dos to all the other Richard Stockton, Mainland and Lacey Township students whom recently achieved their NAUI Open Water certification with Atlantic Divers.  They include: Jennifer and Chris Bird, Carly Richmond, Allison, Dylan and William Friars, Allison Novaisitis, Stellanie Yainnos, Connor Lairmore, Anthony and Ryan Elberson, Greg Creelman, Ben Allen, Brian Randolph, Steve Soltz, Steve Bennett, Mike Cahill, Neil Cafiero, Jon Windfelder  and Heather Konell.  
I want also congratulate Jason King for his noted achievement as NAUI Divemaster.  Jason enthusiastically took the role and has proved to be an inspiring leader for Atlantic Divers. All Atlantic Divemasters are to be recognized for their hard work this season making our dives safe and fun.  These familiar faces offer their expertise, guidance and comradery to all divers that join our adventures.  Our wreck diving ambassadors include Dave Streno, Steve Seeberger, John Williams, Sherman Hartman, Jennifer Patterson, Gary Smith Jr., Dave Hirsch, Al Mortensen, Michael Benson and Mike Corbo. Your quality leadership makes Atlantic Divers the preferred choice for novice and experienced wreck divers.
I look forward to wreck diving with all of you in the spring.  If you have yet too dive with Atlantic Divers, join us next season for the best in wreck adventures. 
Good Wreck Diving in 2012,

Good Wreck Diving!
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