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It was another great day to be on the ocean.  The weather reports were less than desirable but it turned out to be really nice.  We left the dock with a full boat headed for the Great Issac.  As we got close it was clear that someone was already there, as slight turn and we were off to the Chaparra.  I had a problem with my air intergrated computer and thought I would not get to dive today but I was saved by Pat.  I am sorry that I don't know Pat's last name but I have to say Thank you very much for your help and the use of your equipment.  Chris got us tied in and the pool was open.  The vis on the bottom was a good 20 to 25 foot and a temperature of 66 degrees, it was time to have fun!  My buddy and I just took a tour around the stern end of the wreck.  We spent our bottom time looking in all the holes for lobster but found none.  Topside we decided we would head to the bow.  We saw several small lobster up front but nothing big enough to take.  All in all we had a great dive and everyone else said the same. 

I also need to say thank you to Captain Roger for his attempt to go to the Great Issac.  For me this was my 100th ocean dive,  my first dive was on the Bottom Time, with Captain Roger, Steve was the Dive master and the wreck was the Issac.  A great time was had by all.  Once again thank a lot, Pat...
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