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Sunday's dive on the Dina Dee was most memorable.  The Destination of the trip was the Bonanza, and we actually dove the Bonanza.  No boats were in the area, which is a great thing to hear after an 18 mile commute.  Amazing what a dense fog bank will do for you.  Everyone dropped down for some very good visibility and an excellent wreck site.  Myself and some other folks saw the biggest Monk fish I had ever laid eyes on, and being the Stevie Wonder that I am underwater.....I didn't notice him until I could have checked his contact lens prescription.  Definitely will wake you up in the mornin.  The second site was the Gulf trade stern.  Surprisingly, this site yielded more lobster than the bonanza with Mr. Peterson bringing up four on his own. Insert applause here......welcome back sir.  George spent the day killin as well, with a double monster tally for the day.  He had nailed what had to be a 10 lb. tog on the bonanza, and followed it up with a 28" flounder on the stern.  We caught some stormage on the way home and everyone got soaked while enjoying the light show, but all in all, it was an excellent day.

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