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Dear Wrecksters,

A great day was had on the Independence Sunday October 2, 2005 venturing to the Bidevind. Six Atlantic Divers dived the wreck located sixty miles off Point Pleasant in 190 feet of sea water. Captain Dan and I splashed after the group explored the this huge freighter that was torpedoed by a German U-boat in WWII. The hull is intact with starboard side up. Most of the wreckage has spilled out into the sand with many recognizable hull structures settled onto the bottom. Much relief is given to the hull and surprisingly the wreck has collapsed little since I dived it nearly 25 years ago. Corey Means tied us in near the mid section about 75 feet forward of the bridge. The bridge has fallen down to the sand and now is a huge debris pile. From the top of the hull we dropped to the sand exploring a forward mast and worked our way back to the bridge. In the short travel along the bottom, I counted three intact port holes and saw a few areas where portholes were rescued previously. One porthole was pinned under the wreckage but with a little coaxing could be pulled from the wreckage. Other brass pipings and large fittings lay strewn in the entangled and demolished debris. A rack of H size storage bottles are recognized in the mixture. Ascending a few feet back up toward the stern the protruding wing of the bridge stands out over the hull. Out of time we complete our dive and return to the tie in. Dan's strobes are visible from nearly 70 feet away. Back on the Independence, the divers are discussing their experiences and planning for the next return to this exciting site. A good time was had on the water with friends.  Bidevind divers included Tom Fagan, Mike Nugent, John Bridge, John McErlain and Patty Horst.  

Great Wreck Diving!



Good Wreck Diving!

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Gene, how long was your bottom time and how long was the deco. Some of us are interested in diving deeper and i'm sure everyone is curious on what it takes to dive this deep.




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