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I know many of you have had fun dives exploring the Almirante and this reminds everyone how wrecks can change and new discoveries will be uncovered and continue to surprise us.
Well, the Pattersons jumped back into North Atlantic diving full tilt after spending the past year reef diving in the Keys.  Bored with pretty turquoise and pink fish, it is obvious their homesickness was cured this Thursday when they recovered the auxiliary helm from the stern of the Flour.
Mark and Jenn after several failed lifts powered the behemoth double helm out of the sand with a one thousand pound pillow bag.  The Sea Lion the made the slow trip back to Gardiner's Basin, where a crane hefted the prize into their truck late that night. 
Yesterday afternoon they dropped by the shop to show me their find.  Well worth the efforts the heavy brass hubs still have the wooden spokes after more than ninety years laying beneath the sands.  Not bad for their first New Jersey dive, after their tropical vacation.
Congratulations guys!   What's next....?
Good Wreck Diving!

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Good Wreck Diving!

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