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ATLANTIC DIVERS Dives Season 2008 in review,

Dear Wrecksters,

Enjoy reading the 2008 Wreck Room highlights.  The 2008 season provided great adventures for Atlantic Diver enthusiasts.... Check out the monthly highlights and curious stories of this exciting season.
Past History and Present.
Atlantic Divers charters members have explored North Atlantic Coast for over three decades....
Kudos to Paul Whittaker! His photo from his Bikini Atoll trip was the winner in the recent NAUI Sources Magazine photo contest ( the Best Dive Spot category ).
The end of trophy lobster hunting.
Now you will have to take that picture of your monster lobster underwater.  The latest law CRAB AND LOBSTER MANAGEMENT 7:25-14.13  below will...

Shuffled Shipwrecks by Gary Gentile.
Two shipwrecks are identified on the charts as the Buarque and the Equipoise. German U-boats sank both of them during World War Two, off the coast of North Carolina....
One prime example is the Cayru. This large passenger-freighter was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of New Jersey. Wartime Naval.... Part 2

Varanger Report on Big Mac  May 24
Little sharks can be more dangerous than their big brothers because they are sneakier and can quickly deliver multiply bites.  I slammed my swing bottle on the leader's snout and....

Miraflores Memorial Dive  June 2,
It is February 19, 1942.  In the darkness of the cold winter morning, the stealthy German submarine U-432 follows the silhouette of a lone freighter steaming north...
Cape May Mystery Wreck unveiled
Walter Autry is the last known living survivor of a ship surrounded in mystery for decades.  In June the mystery unraveled leading...
The human story of shipwrecks often exceeds our expectations.  The misery that was suffered in order to maintain our freedom should never be forgotten....

June 14  A little Artifact -Anthony Tedeschi
This lantern is no bigger than a soda can and has a small glass window on the side.  The oil lantern is filled, lit and placed...

Max's Wreck June 21
They had witnessed the monster fin passing the back of the boat as they hauled me in.   For the next hour the great white...
Sea Lion to the Maurice Tracy Wednesday, June 17
The picture depicts Hoffman, Hoodiman and a young John Moyer standing in the stern of the old Sea Lion, with the 300 pound bell hanging from the winch tripod.  An exciting day...
San Jose Monday August 4 -Steve Seeberger
While I was on the wreck for my first dive, some strange set of circumstances plus what might be termed a “rogue wave” ...

Eureka August 20
Cobalt blue waters with visibility to the sand accented a moving stew of Amberjacks, Crevalle Jacks, False Albacore, Bluefish, Skip Jacks, Bonita, Barracuda,...
October 4-6 Eureka
Big John led the group blasting everything in site including unwary lobsters, sharks and inattentive divers. With his scooter and fellow sand hogs ...

I just finished reading Gary Gentile’s latest book Shipwreck Research Handbook
Don’t let the title fool you, I did not realized how cloak and danger research and how malevolent the librarian could be.   Sherlock Holmes is an amateur.

I look forward to more wreck diving adventures with you this season.
ATLANTIC DIVERS 2009 Wreck Expedition Schedule will be available by January 20, 2009.

Happy 2009 and Good Wreck Diving!

Atlantic Diver
Gene Peterson

Good Wreck Diving!
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