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After identifying the S.S. Miraflores, (Freighter) located off 53 miles off Cape May in 165 feet of water, I advertised on a few war memorial sites interest in contacting surviving family members of the lost freighter.  I managed to make contact with one actual former crew member, a grandson of a lost ship's carpenter, and a currently a  great-grandfather whom was killed when the SS Miraflores was torpedoed. 
On June 2, 2008, we did a memorial dive for those tragically lost on the ship.   Here is information from the net, my website and some pictures of that memorial I put together.

Walter Autrey story from newspaper:

My story of the discovery:

The Gary Gentile story of the discovery.....scroll to the bottom:

Most recently I was contacted by Ms. Karen Magill affected by this information.

The human story of shipwrecks often exceeds our expectations.  The misery that was suffered in order to maintain our freedom should never be forgotten. This letter is the result of a wreck discovery.  Here is Karen Magill's letter to me.

Dear Mr. Peterson:
I am overwhelmed and in tears looking at the photographs and reading
the stories within the links you have so graciously provided to me.  I
cannot express how happy my family will be to see these!

My great-grandfather, John Jule Brockerville, was born on October 24,
1889 on an island called St. Pierre (a small island owned by France,
just off the coast of Newfoundland). He was named after his father,
Jean Gilles Broqueville, who was born in Cancale, France on October 20,
1863 and was lost at sea 19th of December, 1892.  Shortly afterward,
his mother moved from the island over to Newfoundland, to a small
fishing village called Roundabout, where my grandfather Gregory Joseph
Brockerville was born (August 20, 1912).  The family eventually
re-settled in Lawn, Newfoundland, my family's hometown.  Lawn is
located on the very southern tip of Newfoundland, on the Burin
Peninsula, in Placentia Bay. My grandfather also was a sailor in WWII,
but for the Canadian Navy.
During World War I, Newfoundland was still under British rule and was
not yet part of Canada.  My great-grandfather enlisted with the Royal
Navy and served on various ships though out the war.  I have attached
his naval records, which I obtained from over in the U.K.  His
enlistment papers show his place of birth as Marystown, which is a town
near our village in Newfoundland.  I can only assume it was easier to
enlist and get payment if you stated your birthplace as British
(Newfoundland) and not French (the island St. Pierre).  He survived the
Great War and returned home to Newfoundland.
When World War II broke out, he was too old to serve, so enlisted in
the Merchant Marines instead.  Unfortunately, the records are much
sketchier for Merchant Marines than for the Royal Navy.  I have
attached all I have gathered from the information over in the United
Kingdom, and our own Canadian Government. There is some additional
information on the SS Miraflores which might be of some interest to you.

I stumbled upon your name on the Internet actually.  Every time I tried
to research information on the Miraflores, I just ended up getting a
plethora of information on the City of Miraflores and the locks.  It
wasn't until I had a light bulb moment and put the letters SS in front
of it, that I miraculously stumbled upon your information posted on the
Internet.  Amazing what a difference two simple letters can make, isn't

I can't begin to express to you how much all of your information and
photographs are going to mean to my family.  My second cousin, Earl
Brockerville, in particular, has been trying for years to obtain
information on his grandfather and, quite frankly, this information is
going to make him a very happy man.  Both Earl and myself are very avid
history and genealogy buffs and, boy oh boy, I feel like I just hit the

Again, I can't thank you enough.

Kind regards,


Good Wreck Diving!
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