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Today we dove the Almirante, with the Submission II out of Atlantic City.  We left the dock around 7:30am, to head to the wreck, the winds were about 10 knots and sea were 2-3ft with a ground swell.  Everything would have been perfect but it was foggy, then would open up a little then come back.
Once we arrived at the wreck Chuck Cole threw the hook and we were hooked into the wreck within minutes.  I finished gearing up and jumped in to tie in, as I dropped to the bottom I didn't notice any temperature change and the wreck came into to view at bout 40-45 feet.  I tied us in and started my ascent.  As I reached the surface Chris Jazmin had hit the water and was on his way down.  Bernie my dive buddy suited up and we jumped in to do are dive.  After about 20mins on the bottom we started our ascent, the vis on the bottom was 20 feet and temp was 57 degrees.
After everyone's first dive we totaled up about 8 or 9 lobsters.  About 2 hours later it was time to do it again.  All in all it was a great day of diving, the total count for the day was 18 lobsters, we had warm water and great vis.
If you have not got out yet this year, get it in gear and come join us on a dive.

I learned how to dive online :D
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