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     Monday’s trip to the Almirante was definitely one to remember.  At the dock it was mildly breezy with black clouds looming in the distance.  After we pulled out of the inlet the clouds scattered and the ocean was very calm.  The weather was no less than IDEAL for diving.  As the day progressed the seas and weather only got better and better.  I’d say we had about 4 inch seas and bright and sunny skies.  Oddly we were the only ones out there, there wasn’t a single pleasure boat in sight all day and aside from the occasional barge, the ocean belonged to the Submission.  Under the surface the viz was short of spectacular only hitting about 15’ but it was warmer than the previous day.  I’d guess 55° though I can’t make any guarantees as the needle fell off of my thermometer (years of abuse).  Chris Jazmin nabbed 4 keeper lobster and the rest of us mere mortals did some standard exploration.  It was a fine day out and hope that days like that will come again soon for us on the water.

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