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This past weekend, sixteen Atlantic Divers paddled the Oswego River, a favorite class A, pinelands stream that meanders between Oswego and Harrison Lakes.  We enjoyed great weather for this type of early spring cruise with a clear sunny day, sixty degree temps and a gentle breeze through the forest. Four canoes and seven kayaks slid down the gentle flowing river with experienced and first time paddlers. 

These type of trips are great social bonding events and I add them to the schedule to encourage new and long time divers, their families and friends to join the trips.  It is a good way for many to meet the faces that are so familiar to the dive stories shared off the boats.  

Some fallen trees hindered the direct passage of some of the larger canoes and with a little pushing and squeezing all were able to pass.  Tom Fagan a newly baptized paddler stepped up to the plate and provided exceptional assistance throughout the day. 

John Copeland, Connie and little Logan manned the largest vessel pulverizing a trail in their gray aluminum battle canoe. My sons Keith and Sam canoed with Felicia and Sara. Mark Clark and Samatha also manned a canoe.  The rest of us were yakers, including Andrew Karistinos, Matthew, Matt and Richie Herrick, Joanie and myself.  It was a very colorful regatta crossing the lakes. 

 A good trip is a smooth trip overall, accented with some fortuitous moments. The scenic and pristine wilderness was enjoyed by all.  This trip was flavored with a yellow flying kayak, a few dips and splashes and alot of good hearted laughs.  A great work out on the water and some good memories to be rekindled in future outings is expected.  Check out Atlantic Divers Face Book for some great shots of the trip.

For those of you that want to meet new and long time divers, join us next year and keep tuned for these types of social non-diving events throughout the season.  We have bon-fire, camp-overs and many other activities scheduled.

Good Adventures in Diving!


Good Wreck Diving!
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