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Dear Wrecksters,


Big Mac made it's first successful trip to the Andrea Doria on the 50th Anniversary of the sinking.  On board were seven veteran Andrea Doria divers John Moyer, Billy Cambell, Brad Sheard, Tom Packer, Steve Gatto, Gene Peterson and Harold Moyers.  Steve and Tom tied in at shallowest point on the hull at 200 feet. This made diving a minimum depth now at 230 to 240 range. The Queen Mary II stopped at 2:45 a.m. on 7-25, for approximately an hour to pay tribute to the victims of the sinking. John Moyer radioed QM2 en route to England.  Later that morning Princess lines and other vessels stopped.  The seas were flat but the current ripped for the entire Tuesday morning.  John Moyer and Bill Cambell launched Bubba the ROV successfully videoing the wreck after the current finally slowed.  After the final dive the group met on the bow and paid honor dropping a bouquet of flowers on the site.  A successful trip with a great group of fellow divers was had.  Attached from left to right are the Anniversary divers: Brad Sheard, John Moyer, Gene Peterson, Billy Cambell, Harold Moyers, Tom Packer, and Steve Gatto.



Good Wreck Diving!


Good Wreck Diving!
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