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Anecdotes of some great summer diving adventures.

Sunday, June 23, 2013 Dina Dee to the Chaparra. 
After a long spring of turbulent weather...rather than steam to the stern of the Gulftrade; We made a group decision to take a shorter run east to the un-dived Chaparra.  There we plunged into the surprisingly cool 52-45 degree waters but found a good 25 foot of visibility, numerous sea bass and the bountiful wreck with dozens of bugs. I limited out on lobster as did a few others.   

Sunday, June 30, 2013  Dina Dee to the Sachem.
This shallow water dive to this popular sailing barge was a good choice for our new and experienced fish hunters... Roger Cooper and Pat Forchionne scored two giant flounders and the a load of sea bass were bagged.

 July 10, 2013 Sea Lion Emerald.  A rougher than expected day, but Chris Bird finally broke his blow out streak... Captain Al did a write up on this.

Sunday, July 14, 2013 to the Great Isaac on the Dina Dee
Completely uprooted by Sandy, the Great Isaac is no longer the intact structure of my past memories.  The wheelhouse is now torn from the bottom, canted and the forward windows are now parallel with the hull. A dramatic change which will now allow more flow over the once buried rooms.  A few brass valves, etc... and a plotting ruler were unearthed and of course there was mussel mania.  

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013 to the Varanger with the Explorer.  Good visibility was noted as I ascended and watched Brian Sullivan attached a lift bag to the anchor on our final ascent.  I hovered at 100 feet gazing down at him over 50 feet below.  Jean-Marc and John Copeland bagged up on lobster and scallops, while Brian Roemer assembled a valve piping curiosity.  Flat seas mirrored the reflection of the beaches as we sailed back to port.  A one in a million day on the ocean.

Good Wreck Diving!

Good Wreck Diving!
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